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The earliest prototype of a SUBK set was saturated with synthpop, darkwave
and industrial and has evolved into a hybrid of Electro, Techno, Italo, Chicago
House and all mutations in between.

In addition to DJing the Midwest and her home city of Chicago, SUBK has travelled the backroads of the US, Europe and Canada, to perform with such
diverse acts as DOUGLAS MCCARTHY(NITZER EBB), DETROIT IN EFFECT, ECTOMORPH, METOPE, DIVE, CLICK CLICK, SAL PRINCIPATO, KILL MEMORY CRASH,LUKE EARGOGGLE, NEW YORK CITY SURVIVORS, SATAMILE, ABE DUQUE, and ADAM X. The mix Mental Inertia was created alongside a liveset of UK electro producer and synapse-destroyer SCAPE ONE, with whom she completed a 6-city US tour.  SUBK's passion for disseminating robot love songs has brought her as far north as Jyvaskyla, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden; as far west as San Francisco, CA, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, WA, as far east as New York, NY, Providence, RI and Boston, MA, and as far south as Miami, FL.

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