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Most people "know" that a hologram contains the whole image in each if its parts, but to what extent is this understood? 3BACKS appears to contain three seperate recordings of one person, as if three pictures were taken and overlapped slightly. However, only one recording was created; the three views are detected in unison because the different lasers reconstruct three seperate areas of the film at once.  When there is only one light source (see next image), your brain interprets one still image "in there" to be gazed upon from many perspectives; the change is so transitional and smooth that we fall easily into this deception. Illuminating several images at once alludes to the fact that in essence, there are uncountable amounts of images encoded into the film that we usually only see one at a time; each perspective is a whole seperate image of the total space.

transmission hologram, lit with 3 lasers