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BORG is a reference to the Russian science fiction story that inspired Yuri Denisyuk to research wavefront reconstruction and become one of the inventors of holography. In "Star Ships" writer Yuri Efremov wrote about archeologists discovering a strange new being: “From a deep, absolutely transparent layer, a strange face was looking at them. The face was enlarged by some unknown optical method to its natural size and was three dimensional in its shape.”  Clearly, the idea of the duplicated self has transfixed humanity for centuries.
A hologram contains a specific viewing area, a window-like perimeter which hovers in the air. You must be within this invisible space to catch its light in your eyes (sketch, left).  This trait can be minimised or maximised depending on technique.  In BORG, I place emphasis on the invisible window, which is evident as the face falls in and out of its blackened boundary.

open aperture transmission hologram