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Parallax is the depth clue perceived by the relative shift of objects as we move. It tells us that nearby objects shift more and in our opposite direction, and faraway objects shift less and seem to follow our same direction. This familiar pattern is also how we can tell an object remains still while we move past it.  
That's the normal behavior, anyway.

INSIDE/OUT reveals the effects of parallax turned on its head. Reversed depth is viewing a hologram flipped over: pseudoscopically. As you move, the face turns inside out as the eyes receive input from the wrong "channels." The "left" information goes to the right eye, and vice versa.  In reverse parallax, the face flips from convex to concave, rightside up to upside-down. It jumps unnaturally and easily can swoop out of control. A wrestling match between the eyes and the brain.

pseudoscopic transmission, sodium lamp