Chicago Heights, IL (the very first map to inspire my collection), by Ryan Mendenhall, was cited in Tyler Mitchell's"Web Mapping Illustrated." This is a 349-page full color introduction/tutorial to creating your own high quality digital maps using open source software.   I feel that this book bridges the gap between professionally made, general maps, and the personal maps that comprise my mapsproject..  Through this book, you can create highly technical and interactive maps which contain a lot of the characteristics of mental maps, including allowing users to personalise exactly what they want or need to see.  The divide between the static omnipresence of standard maps and the personal, customised maps we create on napkins is greatly reduced with the techniques contained here!

[selected quotes from the first chapter]
"Why do we often find it so difficult to make maps of the world around us? How well could you map out the way you normally drive to the supermarket? Usually, its easier to describe your trip than it is to draw a map. Perhaps we have a perception of what a map must look like...Yet some maps drawn by a friend on a napkin might be more of use than any professional city map could ever be."

"The element of personal knowledge, rather than general knowledge, is what can make a somewhat useful map into one that is very powerful. When words fail to describe the location of something that isn't general knowledge, a map can round out the picture for you. Maps can be used to supplement a verbal description, but because creating a map involves drawing a perspective from your head, it can be very intimidating..."

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Thanks for including a snippet of my project, Tyler;
your valuable book inspires and teaches me in return!