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+Landmarks Section (selected)
  NEWEST MAP:   San Jose, CA; 8.25.06     
                      author: the Wizard
                  ~myriads of infusoria~


CASE STUDY: Time-Lapse Childhood Mapping
PROVFLUX EVENT: installation pics

                        london, UK 6.19.05                           
                        author: m, and n/a

       ~ three maps to one holographic place~

                                chicago, IL . ?? . .05     
                                 author: catlover
        ~tactical guide for nourishing yukio~


    sterling, IL . 2.05.05     
     author: hotel barista 
~ghostly tollbooth lady; snowfall, rock river~

 portland, OR, 7.04                                         
~portland orientation~

   portland, OR, 7.04   
rad! wow! pretty!
~portland orientation pt. 2~

       portland, OR(created in baraboo, WI), 9.06 
       author: yours truly

~spontaneous explanation of portland orientation~


               rovaniemi, FINLAND; 7.05     
                        author: LindaFjord

      ~24 hr day and the pink candy clouds~ 

                  scottsburg; OREGON7.25.04     
                       author:  post office lady

                      ~a habitable ghost town~
               rovaniemi, FINLAND; 7.05     
                        author: LindaFjord

      ~arctic sunshine; ice shelf champaigne~
                        seattle, WA 7.28.04                           
                    author: techno tourguide

                     ~past the gate of zion~

                           alviso, CA 7.30.04                           
                        author: an alvisoan

       ~america deserta, gallery of one~

        ballyvaughan, IRELAND. 6.01                              author: lori ann napoleon


                     nurnberg, GERMANY; 7.9.05     
                               author:  l'architect

             ~we will change the world one day!~

                       madison, WI; .9.04     
                    author: vinyljunkies

     ~ crate-digging thru madison~

               mount carroll, IL 2.9.04
                  author: jim warfield

~north end of town sits the ravens grin~

             grenoble, FRANCE. 3.31.01
              auther: lori ann napoleon

    ~an elephant bids me good morning~


                        taos, new mexico. 6.18.02
                              author: rachel

               ~abducted by an ice cream truck~



                  french alps, FRANCE. 4.01
              author: random french waitor

~red poppies and a most conspicous village~

                          lena, IL. 10.31.03
                      author: h. torkelson

~halloween and the champion cheese-makers~

             heidelburg, GERMANY . 6.01
             author: random german guy        

diamond - this way to E.V.O.L.~

location not presently known 2005     
                      author: ?? ??

       ~divine inspiration on a placemat!~


                        paris, FRANCE ??.01
                    author: some french guy

~i think this is the way to the record store?~

               chicago heights, IL. ??.01                            
              author: ryan mendenhall

                    ~a seed is planted~
                             london, UK 6.26.05                            
            author: sentient archive of techno   

        ~an upward sweep towards smallfish~

chicago, IL/hammond IN 1.03/2.04
author: 2 dudes from dj shop

~dual maps past the rust belt~

                             los angeles, CA. 7.04     
                   author: an inspiring old friend


                      amboy, IL. 11.21.03
                   author: 2 art students

        ~rival maps, a bitter argument~

                montreal, CANADA . 3.21.04     
                author: a sympathetic mind

~apply these green halls to yr staring eyes~
                             detroit, MI. 5.30.04
                       author: alex (ultradyne)

                         ~clean this mutha up~

                     san francisco, CA. 2.26.04                       
            author:  "noah" (birth name david)

            ~the monstrous and the marvelous~

                    vasteras, SWEDEN 7.2.05     
                         author: voice of q
               ~amber streetlamps; popsicle night~

                       vasteras, SWEDEN 7.2.05     
                         author: voice of q

                 ~swedish past; swedish present~

         providence, RI . 5.16.04     
                 author: a PIPSter

    ~this way to the mapsproject~

                               chicago , IL. 05.??.06 [soon]
                       author: tender of holo-basement

                 ~look at this thru diffraction gratings~

                          savanna, IL. 7.0?.02
                 author: a nice savanna lady

    ~cross the mississippi to the land of oz~

  new york, NY. sometime betw. 92-95
      author: frankie "bones" mitchell

                          ~100% PURE~

                     montreal, CANADA  5.04                                 
        author: an explorer and his camera        

               ~intergalactic urban decay~
                    SOUTH AMERICA. 10.1987
                         author: lori napoleon                            

        ~a tale of hookus, lukus, and wascus~
                        paris, FRANCE. 8.01
                        author: stephane l.

              ~raised in a factory of dreams~

                            south bend, IN. 3.29.04      
                                      author: alex

                ~a circuitous day in south bend~

                             chicago, IL. ??.01
                   author: ryan mendenhall

         ~another cold and gray chicago day~

                   milledgeville, IL. 02.07.05                            
                         author: helpful intent

          ~"and i'm not sure if you go straight or turn..."~
                       new york, NY. 07.??.06                                    
                 author: coffeeshop manager

             ~lost in NYC, still feather-light~

                          new york, NY. 4.12.03                                    
                             author: jessica l. r.

~ethereal, feather-light glimpse of NYC~

                     new york, NY. 4.12.03
                         author: jessica l. r.

~ethereal feather-light glimpse of NYC rmx~

                freeport, IL . 3.12.04                            
              author: h.s. art students

 ~and thats about, seriously~

                 san francisco, CA 2.27.04                        
                    author: christopher m.

 ~at the end, you'll find that everything             
is  either a bubble or a corner~

    location unknown; date unknown     
                     author: unknown

                       ~the mysterymap~