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influences, inspirations .
words, images and sounds which are sympathetic to the meanings and motivations found here.


the journey is the destination: the journals of dan eldon

compilation composed by his mother after young photojournalist dan eldon was stoned to death in somalia during one of his assignments. the journals he kept were laden with photographs painted over, coins and feathers glued together, fragments of ads that he cut out and kept from all over the world, and writings. beautiful and inspiring.
simulacra and simulation- jean baudrillard
interesting and analytical book which addresses the nature of the "real" as it coincides with its models of simulation/replication, and the effect it has on experiences.


whispering pines - birney imes
photographs documenting the lives and odd accumulation of objects within declining roadhouse cafe"whispering pines" in no-mans-land, mississippi. very moving images of seemingly random objects which were saved in cigar boxes by blume triplett, the aging and ailing patron of the diner.

ticket to ride - anthony dennis and michael rayner
photodocumentary and writings on a month-long journey across australia. collected images and colorful stories revolving around fellow passengers, train stations and the landscape from the view of traintracks. a great book for anyone who loves the observations garnered through travel. one can hear the distant sounds of trains passing by just from glancing at it.

edward hopper
most works by painter edward hopper (1882-1967) depict isolated scenes, often in small towns where even the most comforting images, such as a warmly-lit hotel illuminating a charming rural street, seem unsettling.  the figures depicted, introspective and lost in their own worlds, are the people we sit next to on the bus, or across from at a diner, every day.


the klf - chill out
essentially the musical soundtrack to every circumstance that has garnered any of my maps. this album evokes exploration, remnants of trains and steel guitars melding with euphoric electronic sounds, radio static and buried secret vocal samples. although i tend to prefer my music to be of the electronic variety, everyone should own this, no matter what the musical preference. i hesitate to call it a "classic" (which it is) because it really defies any categorization.  life-altering is barely sufficient.

daniel johnston
this man is a genius. link above goes to a very useful website, as many of his creations are only available on handmade cassette. where the above-mentioned klf album is a subconscious dreamscape, daniel johnston is a perfect contrast; his choppy, spontaneous transitions and untrained, erratic vocal musings only bring more attention to the pure lyrical genius of his songs, many which tell very simple stories that you think you understand, until the last verse where he belts out something completely unexpected and strangely intelligent.