detritus of a life residue of a dream: NOTES on my work.

its backbone:

the dual identity of a painting: one of presentation, its physical presence in space; and one of re-presentation, allowing the viewer to animate what (s)he sees:  an actual existence and a depicted one<>brushstrokes eliminated to conceal their machinery; a "believable" space to access and explore<>an initially seductive style has the power to, through slight subversion and distortion, draw attention to itself as a beautiful, bizarre entity which dances in and out of its place in the world and its place in the viewers memory and imagination<>the reverse phenomenon of reality becoming sensation, and sensation in turn transforming back into reality until the distiction becomes blurred.

its breath: 

curiosity and imagination in pictorial terms<>a self portrait transformed into a universal mood; a carnivorous plant picked from the garden of hieronymous bosch<>an attempt to extract an object from the totality of memory and experience, yet present it in a way that leads one back to that experience<>to comment on this culture of collecting and documention as an attempt to protect something from being forgotton and left behind by time.