messages in light: project light transmission / fall 2008

under construction ! more photo docs soon

summary: i use light as a carrier wave for sound transmission, culminating in audio-visual installations where sound transmitted from many points of light is decoded by an array of optical receivers. in essence, we simultaneously see and hear information being transmitted though the air as we discover hidden messages in light. therefore, we are able to experience a typically invisible phenomenon - the passage of wireless information - directly and tangibly.

: to create installations which demonstrate characteristics of light that are normally taken for granted:its capability of being used as a transmission medium, and its relationship to other types of waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. wireless transmission is ubiquitous in modern times, owing to the strides that technology has taken in understanding and utilizing the characteristics of the electromagnetic spectrum. by modulating light in the same way that radio waves are imbued with information (amplitude and frequency modulation) and providing electronic receivers with "light" antennas (lenses) analogous to the more familiar radio antennas, the physicality of how transmission of information really works is more apparent. the source of the sound is the light itself.

building: the 'scope demonstrates the pulsewidth modulation of the led via the audio input, which is interpreted by a light sensor as amplitude modulation. sound is broadcasting but silent without receiver circuit..

(are you curious what was on my ipod here for testing?!
oh, go ahead and listen... a little electro is good for you.)


1:modulated laser installation/solar cell receivers. extremely focused transmission beam. details HERE

2:modulated leds/ photodiode receivers; telescope as antenna. very focused transmission area. details HERE

3:modulated streetlamp/ photodiode receivers; telescope antenna. 360ยบ transmission area.